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Arbitration and Mediation

Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP offers, to counsel and litigants, the services of mediation and arbitration. This service of alternative dispute resolution saves litigants money, time, and stress.

The firm offers arbitration and mediation in any matter for which parties need resolution for an ongoing dispute. The types of cases include, but are not limited to, torts and contracts.

Mediations and arbitrations are scheduled at the convenience of the parties and counsel. Not only is the stress of scheduling relieved, but also the awesome cost and logistics involved in federal and state court trials.

The exceptionally costly and stressful stage of a courtroom trial is eliminated. The atmosphere of the process is far more conducive to dispute resolution. Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP offers empathy, which emanates from years of trial experience that can be used by litigants to resolve disputes properly, fairly, and cordially.

Moreover, the disputes will have finality. The time-consuming and exasperating appeals process is virtually eliminated. James A. Downey, III, Esquire, for example, has served as a mediator, sole arbitrator, and the third or neutral arbitrator in a three-lawyer panel in excess of 800 times.

Please contact us for rates and for schedules of this service.