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Child Custody & Visitation

Parents who are separated often need to address child custody issues.

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In the absence of a court order, there is nothing that delineates each parent’s rights with respect to custody. A typical custody order will address not only physical custody issues, such as who should be the primary physical custodian, but also legal custody issues.

Legal custody involves the legal right to make major decisions affecting the best interests of a minor child, including but not limited to medical, religious, and educational decisions.

With respect to physical custody, the threshold issue typically involves who should be the primary physical custodian, i.e., the person who has physical custody of the child most of the time. In many situations, shared physical custody is awarded. In virtually every custody order, the rights of the non-primary physical custodian are also addressed, which typically entails identifying the week-to-week schedule, holiday schedule, vacation schedule, communication issues, and transportation issues.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in addressing various issues involving custody. Our attorneys are also prepared to address other custody issues including relocation and circumstances under which a modification may be appropriate.

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