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Property Settlement Agreements & Pre‑nuptial Agreements

Property Settlement Agreements

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Typically, differences between parties can be resolved either through court intervention or through the parties entering into an agreement. In the event that the parties are able to reach an agreement, typically that agreement is reduced to writing.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the negotiation and preparation of property settlement agreements. In addition, our attorneys are prepared to address potential modifications of property settlement agreements, as well as the enforcement of property settlement agreements.

Prenuptial Agreements

Sometimes parties anticipating marriage need to identify whether a prenuptial agreement is appropriate. Typically, that involves comparing the consequences of a marriage when there is no prenuptial agreement and what benefits or detriments may arise by virtue of having a prenuptial agreement.

Our attorneys are prepared to address the pros and cons and consequences of a prenuptial agreement and advise individuals who are contemplating marriage as to whether a prenuptial agreement is appropriate for them.