Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Lake Abstract Co. is a full-service title insurance company offering services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We specialize in commercial and residential services for all of your title service needs. Whether you are refinancing a home or in the process of purchasing a new home due to relocation, we are prepared to assist in your needs.

Today's fast-paced business environment demands the highest levels of service, faster turnaround time, increased productivity and one-stop shopping. At Lake Abstract, we understand the needs of our customers and coordinate marketing strategies with them in mind.

Our coordinated marketing strategy encompasses three key elements:

  • A full range of title insurance services for high-volume residential properties and routine and specialized commercial and industrial transactions in the Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia area
  • The most advanced, comprehensive technology through our computer systems and software
  • The financial resources to train our employees, develop procedures and install programs to support new technological changes

It comes as no surprise to our long-term customers that Lake Abstract provides unparalleled services in today's competitive business environment. Mary A. Culp is the Manager and Senior Title Agent with 35 years of experience. DeRenee Sechrist is a Title Agent with 26 years of experience. They can handle any settlement from residential to most complex commercial transactions.