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Accused individuals should knot the elements of a DUI charge

There is a lot to know about Pennsylvania drunk driving charges, especially for accused individuals facing them. Accused individuals should understand the elements of a DUI charge because DUI charges can have a significant impact on their lives.

Drunk driving charges are typically defined by the accused individual's blood alcohol content level. A blood alcohol content level over .08 while operating a motor vehicle is generally considered driving under the influence for the purposes of charging an accused individual with drunk driving. Different terms may used to determine if the accused individual meets the requirements for the offense of driving under the influence including driving a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle or being in control of a motor vehicle so accused individuals should be familiar with the laws in their state.

The Problem With "Full Coverage"

Frequently, when discussing insurance coverages with new clients, they will proudly inform me that they chose (and have been paying for!) "full coverage" on their policy. Said aloud, it sounds great! But on paper? There is only one problem - you will never see it on paper because it DOES NOT exist in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, unscrupulous or uninformed insurance agents may sell you a policy with the promise that you are receiving full coverage but the term is a misnomer. The laws of the Commonwealth only require citizens purchasing automobile insurance to purchase the following coverages in the minimum amounts stated:

Driving tips for your teenager

Like most parents, you are probably looking forward to and yet dreading the day your teenager gets his driver's license. On the upside, you will no longer have to drive your son to and from school, baseball practice, the mall or various other destinations. He might even run the occasional errand for you. On the downside, you will worry every time he gets behind the wheel.

While there is nothing you can do to completely ensure that your child never gets in a car accident, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk and increase his safety. Here are a few driving safety tips to share with your child before you turn him loose on the streets of Langhorne.

The importance of a criminal defense strategy for DUI charges

Knowing how to defend against drunk driving charges can be one of the most important things an accused individual can do. Legal protections against DUI charges can help accused individuals safeguard their freedom and future when they have been accused of a drunk driving offense.

There are different categories of drunk driving defenses to be aware of. Some are referred to as affirmative defenses which are designed to refute the charges by providing an explanation. Other types of drunk driving defenses focus on the procedures that were followed, or where not followed, by police including if there was an improper traffic stop leading to the arrest and the drunk driving charges. Still other drunk driving defenses will focus on the administration of the breathalyzer or field sobriety tests and any problems associated with those tests.

Your divorce is over. Reinvent yourself

When you are in the throes of your divorce, it's easy to get derailed by feelings of despair and loss. This is especially true when you neither initiated nor wanted the divorce.

But once the ink is dry on your divorce decree, it's time to focus on reinventing yourself in the image of someone whom you'd like to be. Take some time adjusting to the new normal and then segue into your newly single life.

The importance of the estate planning process

The estate planning process can be one of the most important processes anyone can engage in, yet it can seem challenging for a variety of reasons. Estate planning does not have to be intimidating and the more testators understand about the process, the better prepared they will be to develop a plan that can provide important peace of mind.

Estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all process. It includes several key components and tools to help testators address their concerns. Estate planning resources and documents can help testators ensure their wishes will be fulfilled and their property will be distributed how they want it to be.

Your estate plan isn't complete without a living will

If you have already created a last will, you might think that your estate planning process is over. However, simply allocating your assets to certain people is far from a comprehensive estate plan. The best estate plans address not just mortality, but also incapacitation. People could find themselves unable to make decisions or advocate for themselves for a broad range of reasons.

From a coma caused by a car accident to a sudden medical event like a stroke, there are countless ways in which an individual may wind up incapable of making medical decisions on their own behalf, despite still being alive.

Car accident injuries can be devastating for victims

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries in the United States. Of the 5.6 million car accidents reported in 2012, 1.6 million involved injuries to victims. Car accidents can leave victims with devastating injuries and significant costs for them and their families.

Car accidents are estimated to cost $277 billion annually. They can cost victims in medical expenses, time away from work and lost wages and emotional damages as well. Personal injury actions can help them recover some of those costs, including compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages. Car accident victims can recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages.

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