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How is property divided in Pennsylvania during divorce?

One of the most common topics and concerns that comes up during divorce is property division. It is helpful, then, to understand how property is divided in Pennsylvania when a couple is divorcing. Divorcing couples likely have many questions concerning property division.

Pennsylvania follows equitable property division rules when dividing the property of a divorcing couple. This means that the court will seek to reach a property division settlement that is fair but the divorcing couple's property may not necessarily be split in half. Property that falls under the category of marital property will be divided but separate property is not divided. Separate property is property one spouse acquired as a gift, through an inheritance or personal injury award or entered the marriage with. Marital property includes assets acquired during the marriage.

Can you use a trust to influence your heirs' decisions?

As a parent, you have spent your life helping your children make the right choices. It started when they were young, but you stayed involved as they grew up. Even as adults, they ask you for advice. You help them out. You use your life experience to make sure they do not replicate your mistakes.

Plus, you have values. You want your children to adopt those values and follow in your footsteps. You want them to become upstanding citizens and set a positive example for their own children.

How to develop an effective estate plan

When people think of estate planning, they commonly think of a will which is, of course, an important part of an effective estate plan, however, it is not the only tool to consider. There are a variety of estate planning tools that can be tailored to the needs of the individual estate planner and their estate so it helps to be familiar with what those are.

It is important that any estate plan provides for a path to accomplish the estate planner's wishes as to how they want the estate they have worked so hard for to pass to their beneficiaries. Having an effective estate plan can provide peace of mind that loved ones will be well cared for. The estate planning process can also be complex so trained guidance can help make it easier to navigate.

Include social media accounts in estate plans

It might come as no surprise to Pennsylvania residents that more than a quarter of U.S. residents claim they are constantly online, and about 77 percent of Americans go online daily. The Internet is here to stay, with people shopping, paying bills and interacting online. As easy as it has made our lives, it also complicated it for those who survive us after we are gone.

Though people think long and hard before posting anything on social media -- social media presence is often more influential than one's own physical presence. But, people often do not realize that email accounts, bank accounts, frequent flier accounts and social media are all digital assets that have value -- they either have sentimental value in the pictures stored on them or financial value as the frequent flier miles can be exchanged for flights.

Study shows reasons men and women cite for divorce

Your spouse wants a divorce, and you agree that it is for the best. What's interesting, though, is that the two of you do not seem to agree on why you want to split up. You both cite different reasons.

For instance, perhaps you thought that the two of you grew apart over time. You couldn't have avoided it. You're not the same people you were when you got married.

Ignition interlock devices continue growing more common

You get pulled over for drunk driving, and you instantly start wondering how it is going to change your life moving forward. How long will you lose your license? What types of fines are you looking at? Will you lose your job? Will you have to use an ignition interlock device?

You're right to wonder. States have been cracking down on drunk driving more and more over the years, so the impact could be substantial. For instance, ignition interlock devices are far more common than they used to be.

Who can I take to court after a car accident?

Getting injured and suffering property damage in a car accident caused by someone else is overwhelming. Recovering from one's injuries requires not only time, but also money and if one has to take time off from work due to injuries and lose wages, it puts the crunch on in an already stressful time. This is why many car accident victims chose to pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent driver who caused the accident. But, in Pennsylvania, the unique rules surrounding car insurance laws need to be understood so one can know what they can sue for.

Most states are either fault states -- the driver at fault is held legally responsible for the damages -- or no fault states -- each party goes to their insurers to collect payment regardless of fault. Pennsylvania is one of the few states that has a choice no fault system. This means people can opt in or out of the fault rules when you are buying car insurance, not after an accident takes place.

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