6 common reasons for divorce

In general, every divorce is unique. Some couples can peacefully call it quits and head in their separate directions quickly and easily. Others might spend months negotiating over marital assets before finally signing the divorce decree. And others could declare an all-out war and do everything possible to make each other miserable.

The reasons for getting divorced can be varied but some reasons seem to be more common than others. Here are six of the most common reasons why couples choose to divorce.


Infidelity is probably the most talked-about reason why married couples split. For many, it is the final catalyst that starts the divorce process. For others who can work through it, it could mean taking the relationship to a whole new level of intimacy and honesty.

Alcohol or drug abuse

Another common marital problem is substance abuse. A lot of individuals consider continued substance abuse or a lack of effort to change to be the “final straw” that leads them to call a divorce attorney in Langhorne.

No commitment

Even though a couple is married, there could be a lack of commitment to work on the relationship. If one partner is putting in all the effort to make the marriage work while the other is barely going through the motions, divorce is often the outcome.

Constant conflict

It is inevitable that couples will fight. It is par for the course of any marriage. However, if discussions about something always erupt into huge fights, it can make the marriage burdensome and difficult to bear.

The relationship fades

A significant percentage of divorced couples have also cited that their marriages ended because they grew apart. For instance, couples who have been married for years and raised a family together often find that they no longer have anything in common and that the relationship has faded once the kids are grown and out of the house.


Money problems are usually the leading cause of divorce among couples. Whether it is because views differ on financial planning, one spouse is a spender while the other is a saver, or perhaps there never seems to be enough to do more than barely make ends meet, finances are often a major issue in marriages.

If you are considering divorce in Pennsylvania, one of the above reasons might apply to your situation. No matter the cause, if divorce is in your future, it is time to begin taking steps to plan for the next chapter of your life and protect your interests.

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