Prenuptial agreements can benefit anyone

Prenuptial agreements offer a variety of different benefits couples about to enter a marriage may not always be familiar with but should be aware of.

Prenuptial agreements are sometimes thought of as a legal resource for only the wealthy to protect one spouse from the other in the event of a divorce but the truth is prenuptial agreements can provide a variety of benefits for any couple entering a marriage.

Prenuptial agreements can address a variety of concerns any couple entering a marriage may have on their minds. A prenuptial agreement can protect the assets of either of the future spouses; can protect the future spouses from the debts of the other; clarify rights and responsibilities of the future spouses during the marriage; specify how property should pass in the event of a death; and help if the couple does decide to divorce. A prenuptial agreement can help the divorce process be resolved more efficiently with less time and cost.

When a couple makes the decision to divorce without a valid prenuptial agreement, state property division laws will determine how property is decided which may result in property division that is not aligned with how the couple would have wished for property to be divided if they had a prenuptial agreement. In addition, it is essential for a prenuptial agreement to be valid so couples entering marriage should be familiar with the legal requirements where they are at for the prenuptial agreement to be valid.

Prenuptial agreements can provide important legal protections for both future spouses entering a marriage which is why it is essential for couples to understand how a prenuptial agreement can benefit them. It is also important to dispel the myths surrounding prenuptial agreements and for couples to truly be familiar with how prenuptial agreements can help them as they enter their marriage.

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