Accused individuals should know the elements of a DUI charge

There is a lot to know about Pennsylvania drunk driving charges, especially for accused individuals facing them. Accused individuals should understand the elements of a DUI charge because DUI charges can have a significant impact on their lives.

Drunk driving charges are typically defined by the accused individual’s blood alcohol content level. A blood alcohol content level over .08 while operating a motor vehicle is generally considered driving under the influence for the purposes of charging an accused individual with drunk driving. Different terms may used to determine if the accused individual meets the requirements for the offense of driving under the influence including driving a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle or being in control of a motor vehicle so accused individuals should be familiar with the laws in their state.

When examining drunk driving charges and the driving element of the charge, authorities typically look to the location of the vehicle; the location of the driver; the location of the keys to the vehicle and if they were in the ignition or not; and the operability of the vehicle and if it could have been taken on the roadway. When examining the under the influence elements of a DUI charge, testimony is commonly used related to the accused individual’s appearance, conduct or field sobriety tests.

Understanding the elements of a DUI charge and how to refute them are essential for accused individuals to be familiar with when developing their criminal defense strategy. Individuals who have been accused of drunk driving faces serious penalties and consequences which is why they should be thoroughly familiar with their drunk driving defense options.

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