How to challenge field sobriety tests

Field sobriety tests can be a major factor in DUI charges. As a result, it is important for accused drivers facing DUI accusations, allegations and charges to be familiar with DUI defense options and how they can challenge the accuracy and reliability of field sobriety tests which may form the basis of the criminal charges they are facing.

DUI charges can result in fines, potential jail time and increased insurance charges. They can carry significant penalties and consequences for accused individuals. As a result, it is essential that proper procedures are followed during a DUI stop. There are typically three different types of tests involved in field sobriety testing. The three types of tests include horizontal gaze nystagmus; walk and turn; and the one-leg stand. Studies have found that even when performed properly, these tests are only between 81% and 91% reliable as determinants of intoxication.

In addition, field sobriety tests may not be reliable if they are not performed properly. The police officer conducting the field sobriety test must be properly trained in how to conduct the tests and must follow

the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines that have been set for how to properly conduct field sobriety tests. In addition, the physical and mental condition of the accused driver must also be taken into account and if the officer fails to do so, the accused driver may be able to challenge a field sobriety test.

Individuals who are facing DUI accusations may find the situation they are facing alarming which is why they need to know how they can challenge those charges. One way of challenging DUI charges is by challenging field sobriety tests being used as evidence against the accused individual and there are other options that form the basis of the accused individual’s criminal defense rights which they should be also aware of.

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