Plan carefully for the upcoming school year after divorce

All parents should have a plan for their child’s academics. This might be easy if you and the child’s other parent live in the same home. However, it can be much more challenging if you and the other parent have gotten a divorce. Preparing for the first year back to school after a divorce is going to take some work.

It is imperative that both parents work as a team to get things in place. The sooner you start with the planning, the more likely you are going to be able to have a school year with minimal stress that enables your child to thrive.

Who makes the education decisions for the children?

One parent will usually take control of the child’s education and make the decisions about schooling. It is also possible that both parents will share this responsibility. In all cases, it is important that parents know what is going on. When you divorce, you should alert the school to the situation. You can ask that both parents be notified of issues with the children. It also gives the adults who interact with your children an idea of what is going on so that they can help your children when necessary.

How will expenses be handled?

School expenses can be costly, and parents must decide who is going to pay what. There are several different options, so you must think about what will work best for the children. One parent may pay for school supplies and the other for school clothes. Extracurricular activity fees and club fees might be split down the middle. No matter what you and your ex decide about these expenses, it should all be outlined in writing and signed by both parties.

Does the schedule need to change?

The child’s school schedule and extracurricular activities might mean that the parenting time schedule needs to change. Think about which parent can provide transportation to the child’s activities and how the schedule might make it possible for both parents to spend time with the children.

Any changes that are made to the schedule or to the other aspects of custody because of the school year should be reflected in a modified parenting plan. If you are just embarking on the child custody planning, be sure to think about all of these points as you make the plan. You must set it up for the child’s best interests now and can always change it to reflect changing needs.

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