Prepare for your divorce before talking to your spouse

Though you may not think about it, there are many things that you need to do before you talk to your spouse about a divorce. One of those things is to start collecting evidence of your assets and financial statements. This information is extremely important to your case, and it’s usually easier to obtain before you and your spouse discuss the divorce.

While many people handle divorce with respect and dignity, there is a chance that your spouse could be angry or try to hide assets as a way to punish you. Keep in mind that it is illegal to hide assets, so if your spouse does so, they can face penalties. No judge will look kindly on someone who hides assets, especially because disclosing your assets is required by law.

What steps can you take if you think your spouse is hiding assets?

If you think that your spouse is hiding assets, the best thing you can do is gather all the financial documents you can and get photos or evidence of missing assets or having assets they have not claimed. You can also hire a forensic accountant, who will go through your finances and look for unusual patterns. A forensic accountant may also be able to locate accounts you didn’t know about or be able to track missing funds.

How can you make your divorce as easy as possible?

Being honest and thorough will make your divorce easier. When you talk to your spouse about divorce, you should already have copies of all of your financial documents and photos of your assets. Be careful about planning ahead, preparing for property division in particular.

You should also prepare financially. If your accounts are locked, how will you afford what you need? Start putting some funds aside, reroute your paycheck to your own account or take other steps to make sure you have funds available when you start your divorce.

Your attorney will talk to you about more things you can do to protect yourself as you begin going through your divorce. From start to finish, your attorney will walk you through the steps of the divorce and make sure that you are prepared for every step of the divorce process. With the right help, you’ll be able to protect your rights and your interests, particularly pertaining to your right to some of your marital property after your divorce.

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