What an accused individual is facing when charged with a DUI

It is important not to take drunk driving charges lightly because they are serious criminal charges that can carry serious potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Individuals accused of driving while impaired are facing potential criminal penalties, administrative consequences and the detrimental personal impact of DUI charges.

DUI charges can result in a criminal arrest record which can have an impact on the accused individual’s ability to obtain a job, housing or educational opportunities down the road. Accused individuals also face possible jail time as well as significant fines. They may also face other potential penalties and consequences and increased insurance rates as a result of a drunk driving charge. Individuals accused of drunk driving also face possible license suspension.

The potential penalties and consequences associated with a drunk driving charge can quickly stack up. A criminal defense strategy in response to DUI charges will focus on reducing or eliminating the charges against the accused individual and minimizing the potentially harsh penalties and consequences associated with a DUI charge. It is important to understand if any of the accused individual’s criminal defense rights were violated during the stop or arrest and determine if the breathalyzer test was properly maintained and calibrated and any field sobriety test that was conducted was properly conducted.

Understanding criminal defense options and protections is vital for accused individuals to be able to potentially mitigate the stiff penalties and consequences they are facing. As a result, accused individuals should know what they are facing and be aware that trained guidance can be helpful through the process of fighting a DUI charge.

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