The importance of a criminal defense strategy for DUI charges

Knowing how to defend against drunk driving charges can be one of the most important things an accused individual can do. Legal protections against DUI charges can help accused individuals safeguard their freedom and future when they have been accused of a drunk driving offense.

There are different categories of drunk driving defenses to be aware of. Some are referred to as affirmative defenses which are designed to refute the charges by providing an explanation. Other types of drunk driving defenses focus on the procedures that were followed, or where not followed, by police including if there was an improper traffic stop leading to the arrest and the drunk driving charges. Still other drunk driving defenses will focus on the administration of the breathalyzer or field sobriety tests and any problems associated with those tests.

A strong criminal defense strategy can focus on a variety of drunk driving defense options based on the situation and circumstances of the accused individual. A drunk driving defense strategy may also focus on refuting the facts as alleged by authorities or their version of events. Any drunk driving defense, whether it challenges the facts, circumstances, police procedures or other aspects of the charges, should be carefully considered and prepared.

If there is a problem with the collection of evidence, or the accused individual’s criminal defense rights were violated in any way during the process, it may result in the DUI charges being thrown out. As a result, accused individuals should understand how drunk driving defense options can help them address their concerns and the charges they are facing along with the potential penalties and consequences associated with those charges.

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