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People work hard to build their estates. Naturally, they want to protect them and see that they pass on appropriately. Creating strategies to ensure that assets move easily to the next generation can be complex, as can the processes of probate and estate administration. At Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP, our lawyers can guide the way.

Estate Planning

When they think of estate planning, most people think of wills. Wills are certainly valuable and time-tested tools for ensuring that assets pass onto the next generation. However, there are limits to what a will can accomplish. Our attorneys want to make certain that your estate plan does everything you want it to do. We may recommend other tools to achieve your goals.

Trusts can be used to address more unique situations or more complex goals. Trusts come in many varieties and can be carefully tailored to the needs of you and your family. They often serve as powerful supplements to wills.

Estate planning is not just about passing on assets. It can also address things like end of life care. Powers of attorney and living wills, which are not the same as wills, can be used to address how you wish to be treated in the event of incapacity.

After the loss of a loved one, families will be left with a great deal of work to do. This work comes at a time when people want to mourn their loss and celebrate the life of the deceased. Our attorneys are committed to handling the legal matters on behalf of families. Whether your loved one left a will or died intestate, we can take steps to see that his or her wishes are followed. We can assist executors and estate administrators. We can also step in to address estate disputes when a conflict arises over how an estate is being handled.

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