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Experienced Rideshare Accident Injury Lawyers in Bucks County

Ridesharing services have become an increasingly popular means of transportation. Companies such as Uber and Lyft have created applications that are user friendly and promise transportation at the push of a button. Users gravitate towards these platforms for assistance with getting a ride home from the grocery store to finding a safe way home after a night out. But as these services have grown in popularity, so too has the number of claims being levied against them and their drivers. It is important to find personal injury lawyers that have experience representing people injured while a passenger in a rideshare vehicle.

In the event of an accident that occurs while using a ridesharing service, you or a loved one may be facing painful injuries, financial hardship and economic loss caused by the negligence of the service, your driver, or another driver. As you recover, you may not only have to worry about physical healing, lost wages and medical bills, but you may also face the pressure of a large organization and their insurance company fighting your right to compensation. We are here to ensure you do not have to face this journey alone.

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What Causes a Ridesharing Accident?

As one might expect, ridesharing accidents are caused by many of the same things that cause other auto accidents. However, these accidents may involve novel issues such as multi-operator liability, unique insurance coverage questions and other complicated legal matter that we can analyze and resolve. As a passenger or bystander, you cannot stop a ridesharing accident. It is up to your service provider and driver to offer you a safe journey home. Some of the main causes for ridesharing accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving - Services like Uber and Lyft encourage their drivers to have their phone open while driving to follow a route the app has created. While useful, this causes operators to constantly be distracted while driving.
  • Poor Driver Selection - While Uber and Lyft can monitor how often drivers are completing rides, they cannot accurately track how they're actually driving when on the road. In cases like this, some of the fastest and highest rated drivers can turn out to be the most dangerous.
  • Aggressive Driving - Ridesharing services pay their workers according to the amount of rides that they complete. This means that drivers are incentivized to drive in a high-speed, reckless manner.
  • Driver Drowsiness - Drivers for Uber and Lyft oftentimes will spend hours on the road, and the services do little to regulate this. As a result, drivers are subject to the same sense of drowsiness while driving that anyone else might have. Drowsiness has been shown to be a cause of many accidents.

With so many potential causes for accidents, litigating a case like this can be complex. We can assure you, we will work with you to accurately figure out what caused your accident and turn it into a winning case. As experts in personal injury cases, we're prepared to handle your case in a way that is best for you and your goals.

What Should I Do in the Event of an Accident Involving a Ridesharing Service?

Once you've identified what caused your accident, there are a number of steps that you'll want to follow when filing a claim. First and foremost, you should report the incident to the service that you were using as soon as possible. Be sure to gather photos, messages, and other details so that you may accurately document the accidents. Next, you'll need to find an excellent personal injury lawyer.  We take pride in fighting for our clients, and we will stand with you to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve.

As the two primary ridesharing services in Philadelphia, Uber and Lyft both offer liability insurance. These policies carry up to $1 million dollars in coverage, but they are often reluctant to offer just compensation to injured passengers. It is common for rideshare companies and their insurance coverage to deny liability.

Who Is Liable in a Ridesharing Accident?

In a ridesharing accident, fault can fall upon the service provider, your driver, another driver, or someone else. Accordingly, Uber and Lyft have defined a set of guidelines for when they will insure an accident. Here are way that Uber and Lyft attempt to avoid liability:

  • Independent Contractors - Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors. As such, Uber and Lyft will claim that the driver's personal insurance policies should cover the accident. However, the law does not always support this assertion.
  • State of the Driver's Request - If a rideshare driver gets in an accident while off duty, the services can claim they will not insure the accident. In this scenario, a lawyer should still be consulted, as claims can be made to the driver's car insurance provider.
  • Driver Safety - Uber and Lyft only now conduct background checks on their drivers. The primary cause of accidents is negligent driving. In this scenario, claimants can pursue the full scope of damages against the liability coverage to be compensated like they deserve.

Companies like Uber and Lyft go out of their way to make it difficult to seek compensation. The most important thing that you can do is to retain control of the narrative of your case. At Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP, we are prepared to help you do so. We will work with you to lay out your case, identify the circumstances surrounding your accident, and ensure that we do all that we can to earn you the compensation that you are entitled to.

No Matter the Context, We are Ready to Fight for You

At Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP, we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for various kinds of accidents. We fight for the victims of these accidents and their families to recover the compensation they are owed for both their pain and suffering, and economic losses. The story is no different for accidents involving ridesharing services. Our office knows the methods that Uber or Lyft attempt to deny or underpay on claims – and we are experienced in getting them to pay the compensation you deserve in a timely manner!

We are committed to standing by your side through this difficult time.

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